We serve people and groups such as:
  • Abused women and children
  • Indigenous communities in extreme poverty
  • Migrants and displaced persons
  • Persons unjustly imprisoned
  • Families and communities whose rights have been or are threatened by the actions of civilians, government officials, persons in power  
  • We serve anyone eligible for our services without distinction as to race, gender or religion. We prioritize services for people and communities who are excluded and lack access to justice.  

Some examples of the type of work we do include:  

  • Providing comprehensive care and legal advocacy for child victims of sexual abuse.
  • Contributing to the reduction of violence against women and strengthening their ability to exercise of their rights.
  • Participating in processes of social reconciliation. For example, in Peru, we helped to implement the recommendations of the Commission of Truth and Reconciliation Commission and we help to bring indigenous and mestizo communities together to resolve land conflicts.
  • Promoting the humanization of prison conditions.
  • Supporting the prosecution of emblematic cases of human rights abuses.
  • Advocating for the improvement of justice systems at local and national levels.
  • Promoting the understanding and implementation of community justice models and its relationship to formal justice.
  • Helping grassroots organizations of people affected by various forms of violence.
  • Helping to strengthen grassroots leadership for the participation in local development processes and defense of their rights.
  • Promoting intercultural development processes between native and mestizo communities.
  • Facilitating access to quality bilingual education.
  • Implementing campaigns for good treatment for women and children.
  • Raising public awareness about environmental protection.
  • Promoting the establishment of local environmental management systems.
  • Monitoring international conventions on human rights.
  • Training pastors and lay leaders in conflict resolution, integral mission, biblical justice, sex education, peace building, domestic and sexual violence, and program planning, monitoring, and evaluation.