We believe it is possible to positively influence the change of opinion, attitudes, practices and behavior of people and entities, in particular those who exercise power. Sustainable change is impossible if those who suffer injustice are not involved in the defense of their own rights. Thus, we work together with the persons and communities we serve to contribute to the transformation of unjust social structures.

We also believe that transformation not only must focus on the change that comes from accompanying the poor; it must also come through our influence on those people, companies, politicians and groups that have gained political power.

In order to achieve this integral transformation we engage in a multi-dimensional approach that:

  • Contributes to the building of participatory democracies that are fair.
  • Empowers civilian leadership to bring about the peaceful resolution of conflicts.
  • Influences the creation or changes in laws or policies that protect the marginalized, the excluded or at risk groups.
  • Strengthens the rule of law.
  • Employs educational, research, social monitoring, public communication, advocacy, and networking strategies.
Encourages the active participation of the church in society so that it is the leaven of individual and social transformation on both personal and structural levels.