We are a fellowship of independent organizations legally established in the following countries: Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, United States of America and United Kingdom. All have signed a Fellowship Pact uniting the organizations under one mission.

Each organization has a Council or Board of Directors with national representation. In general, each organization is composed of a Membership Assembly, which elects a Board of Directors who is responsible for the governance of the organization. The Board selects and appoints the Executive Director(s). Each organization has different programs and projects, which may differ depending on focus of the work taken on by each national office, taking into account the local context.

Paz y Esperanza in the USA functions under the name Peace and Hope International (PHI) and is the office that links all of its national offices.

Its job is to support and facilitate the systematization of learning, fundraising, advocacy, and research and analysis as well as the mobilization of international volunteers. PHI does not supervise nor manage the national offices. PHI has two offices, one in the city of Minneapolis (USA) and another in Lima (Peru). It operates under the laws of the United States and has 501(c)(3).