Paz y Esperanza subscribes to the historic doctrinal principles of Christianity, as are reflected by the Micah Network, to which we are affiliated. For example,

  • Respect for life in its fullness.
  • No discrimination.
  • Respect for cultures.
  • Rejection of violence of any kind.
  • Condemnation of terrorist groups and indiscriminate violence by State agents.
  • Independence from State and political parties.
  • Choice of a democratic society as the value for human coexistence.
  • Promotion and defense of stewardship and respect for creation.


  • Minimize overhead costs to ensure that most of the funds raised benefit the people we serve.
  • Use funds consistent with their purpose.  
  • Comply with legal and accounting standards that each country has for nonprofit organizations.
  • Be open to reviews and audits of programs and projects undertaken by other members of the family of Paz y Esperanza organizations.
  • Funds received from local and national governments and multilateral agencies will not compromise our vision, values and principles.
  • Generate local resources.